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Combined Class

Bible Study Classes - 9:00 AM

Starting Point Class

If you’re new, Starting Point is a great place to get to know FBC. This is a 4-week course that will introduce you to First Baptist, get to know one another better, and help you understand God’s priorities for the local church – knowing God, enjoying God and making God known—and how our various ministries support these priorities.  Contact the church office to sign up for the next class.


Our ladies' class is starting a study of the book of John and will study the gospel according to John. This class includes women of all ages and meets in the CAC.

Youth (8th - 12th grade)

Students ages 13-18, grades 8th-12th, study the word of God, inviting Him to shape their lives into the image of His Son, Jesus Christ, thereby gaining wisdom and growing in knowledge and understanding.  

Rotation (K - 4th grade)

Kids in grades K - 4 participate in Rotation Sunday School, an exciting interactive Sunday school experience!  Kids get to experience the entire Bible in 5 years - from Genesis to Revelation.


From the book of Exodus, the men's class will unpack the Tabernacle in the many ways it points to Jesus Christ and His Gospel. Everything we see in the tabernacle was a shadow and a picture of the One to come.  This class meets in the main room, 3rd floor.  

Adults - Men and Women

This class is currently studying the book of 2 Corinthians, the marks of a growing church.  Join us as we study this letter as we discover how this troubled church reacted to Godly correction in the midst of an ungodly culture and how we can learn similar lessons to ensure that we continue to grow into maturity for the glory of God. This class meets in the West Wing, Room W204.

Adults - Men and Women

This class covers Paul Miller's study of "The person of Jesus: Compassion," where we see Jesus interact with people to discover the 3 steps of love: to look, feel compassion, and act.  As we follow Jesus through various stories in the Gospels, we find our eyes opened to a rich encounter with God's love and our hearts empowered to love others.  This class meets in the Worship Center.

Switch 57 (5th - 7th grade)

Grades 5 through 7 meet to study and discuss God's Word and how He has revealed Himself in the world around us.

Preschool (birth - age 5)

Classes for ages newborn up to Pre-K provide a safe and welcoming environment where your child can learn about Christ and you, as a parent, can feel confident in leaving your child.

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