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A pastor once said:
“As imperfect as it is, the church is still the dearest place on earth to us.”

                                                                              Charles Haddon Spurgeon

We couldn’t agree more. The church was God’s idea and design, Christ Jesus is its head, and we are amazed He would allow us to be His church in this community. Here are some things to know about First Baptist Church.

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Our Priorities

We believe that whatever you truly come to know and trust, you thoroughly love and enjoy. And whatever you enjoy, you can’t help but make known.  And those are the priorities of First Baptist – to know God, enjoy God, and make God known.  And, you’ll see in the graphic, at the center of it all is the cross—the Gospel of Jesus Christ—the drivetrain behind who we are and the priorities we’re pursuing.

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Leaders and Staff

Bob Schneider, lead pastor

John Melton, assistant pastor

Laura Jenkins, children’s ministry director

Willa Denner, preschool ministry director

Chris Ging, church secretary

Our Church's Beliefs

First Baptist Church ascribes to the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message.

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