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Members Pages

Please read below for the code of conduct you are agreeing to and more detailed information about these members pages.  

Welcome to the Members Only Webpages

We are excited you are choosing to join the members-only pages of our website.  All information on these pages are private and only accessible by church members or anyone who is specfically approved to log in.

By creating a username and password, you agree to uphold the code of conduct which basically requires the information that is available to ONLY be used for proper fellowship purposes.  Only use it to bless someone with words of encouragement, birthday wishes, or any other proper form of contact.  Please do not use this information to solicit any business.  Please do not share this information with anyone who is not on the members' list.  We go to great length to keep these pages and this information private and we want to continue to have this available to our members for any future pages that may be added to help our church family and we can only do that with your help by keeping it private.

Thank you and if you have any comments or questions, please email

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