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Weekly Prayer Sheet

06.07.17 LightNight

Psalm 119

1   Blessed are those whose way is blameless,

who walk in the law of the Lord!

   Blessed are those who keep his testimonies,

who seek him with their whole heart,

   who also do no wrong,

but walk in his ways!

   You have commanded your precepts

to be kept diligently.

   Oh that my ways may be steadfast

in keeping your statutes!

   Then I shall not be put to shame,

having my eyes fixed on all your commandments.

   I will praise you with an upright heart,

when I learn your righteous rules.

   I will keep your statutes;

do not utterly forsake me!



Every Giant will Fall

Rend Collective


I can see the Promised Land,

Though there’s pain within the plan;

There is victory in the end;

Your love is my battle cry

When my fears, like Jericho

Build their walls around my soul;

When my heart is overthrown

Your love is my battle cry,

The anthem for all my life


Every giant will fall,

The mountains will move;

Every chain of the past,

You’ve broken in two.

There is hope within the fight,

In the wars that rage inside;

Though the shadows steal the light,

Your love is my battle cry,

The anthem for all my life


No greater name, no higher name,

No stronger name than Jesus;

You overcame, broke every chain,

Forever reign, King Jesus (repeat)


Over fear, over lies,

We’re singing the truth

That nothing is impossible with You


PrayerCard focus: Your Marriage/Family; What is one specific ‘giant’ your family member needs God’s help in fighting and bringing down?


First Baptist Prayer List

06/ 07/ 2017

Pastor’s Prayer Requests for the Church:

  • Please pray for the students, adults and leaders heading to Super Summer – June 12-16
  • VBS Follow-up visits

VBS Prayer Requests:

…strength for those who are planning and preparing

…health for workers

…that kids will come

…that we will all see God bigger and more loving than we ever have before

…that we will pour out God’s grace on each other as we work together


Health and Prayer Concerns:

​6/7 Evan McKeever has a foot sore that is being treated with IV antibiotics. It is currently what is keeping him in the hospital. The upcoming surgery is to remove the tumor. Surgery date is dependent on healing of the foot sore. He has completed his 10th round of chemotherapy. After surgery we anticipate he will still have another 19 rounds to go. He is still dealing with a great deal of pain. The pain drives a lot of our issues, vomiting, eating/not eating, mobility, etc. The family is so grateful for your support and prayers.

6/6 Our deepest sympathy is extended to the family of Dwayne Hicks. He was the father of the late Kirk Hicks.  He was suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s so we are glad that he is no longer suffering.  He requested no service be held. Please pray for the family through this difficult time.  Terry Hicks ​ and Tonya ​ Meyer​

6/6 Karen Melton requests prayers that she won’t have to have a blood transfusion.  Her iron level is at 8 right now, and she’ll need the transfusion if it dips below 7.  Pray her iron-rich foods and iron pills are effective in raising her iron level.  Mom and Dad are both doing great otherwise. They are so very thankful for your prayers!

6/6 Fred Girvin requests pray for his friend Tony Ferrado who just lost his job from the Christian school he has worked in for many years. Pray for Tony, his wife Becky and their children as he looks for the next place God would have him serve.

6/6 Sherry and Bob, Fred Girvin’s daughter and son-in-law are doing so much better and Fred truly knows it is the prayers of many and God’s divine intervention in their lives.

6/6 Betty Damschroeder will have an IVIG on June 9 to boost her immune system. Then as long as she stays healthy, she will have total knee replacement surgery on June 13.

6/6 Ashton, the son of Becky Schneider’s friends, was in a boating accident over the weekend and has had 4 surgeries on his leg already. He will have another tomorrow. Please pray for comfort this young boy and that God will completely heal his body! Please keep the entire family in your prayers.

6/3 Phyllis, Brenda Johns’ cousin, was just diagnosed with state 4 cancer.  Please be in prayer for Phyllis and her family.  Pray for her complete healing and for comfort from the Lord as they walk through this difficult time.

5/30 Kelsey Snider, 17 year old second cousin of Eileen Stapp, has battled cystic fibrosis for many years and received a double lung transplant in Nov. 2014.  She has now been sent home on hospice.   Please pray for peace for this young lady and her family through this very difficult time.

Vicki Farr – as she recovers from total knee replacement.

Teddy Menke – for his continued recovery from paralysis.

Jamie Brautigam – has rheumatoid arthritis. Pray for medications to work and for her to feel relief

Steve Tolliver – is recovering slowly from surgery to relieve numbness from his hands

Jim, Jose Saldana’s boss – is done with chemo. Please pray for his spiritual condition.

Connie LaCrone – is slowly healing from recent eye surgery, but still having some vision problems.

Will Wallace – 5 year old son of Megan & Skylar, undergoing chemo treatments for Will’s Tumor​

Lazlo Schaefer – 4 year old son of Heath and Laura, undergoing chemo treatments for Rhabdomyosarcoma.

Alec Ingram – 11 year old battling side effects and illness with cancer.