Weekly Prayer Sheet

First Baptist Church Prayer List for August 2, 2017

First Baptist Prayer List

August 2, 2017


Pray for those serving at the Washington Fair, this week, in the Franklin Baptist Association Fair Booth as they share the Gospel and Good News with those who stop by.   Pray for those who do not know Christ to come to know him as their Saviour!  


Pastor’s Prayer Requests for the Church:

  • Please be praying for the Ruts sermon series. Asking the Lord to re-inform our head heart and hands through the gospel
  • Please be in prayer for the upcoming visit from NASA astronaut Jeff Williams as he shares his message on August 27.

Health and Prayer Concerns:

​8/2 Concerning a prayer request from Brad Kinsey on Sunday: Kala and AJ (her fiancée) are fine but they still need a lot of prayer.  They are going through with the wedding this Saturday as well as their honeymoon, and both families are simply trying to get back to normal for the week. (As normal as a wedding week can be,I guess).  They are looking for a place to live after the wedding (all their stuff was moved out of the apartment Sunday morning–Kala had already moved a lot of her stuff over there in the past week or so).  AJ is currently staying at his sister’s until they can figure something out, so prayers for that to be figured out are appreciated as well. Thank you all for already praying and please continue to keep these young kids in your prayers as they start their life together.

8/1 Evan McKeever after a week in the hospital, and 12 hours at home, they are now going back for an unknown amount of time. Back to back chemo treatments is the plan. But, past experiences tells us there will be some infections in between. We are tiring of this hospital life, Evan especially. We miss people we know. And, of course, it’s hard seeing our Evan go through this. The bright side is we have met so many new kids and families on the same journey. We could use your prayers and a visit if you are in the area! We are at St Louis Children’s Hospital. If you want to visit you have to be 15yrs old. Only 4 visitors are able to come in a room at a time. Please make sure you are not sick or haven’t been near someone sick recently. (Evan’s blood counts fluctuate & don’t always work right.) And, Evan goes to bed by 7:30pm most nights 🙂 Matt & Stephanie

7/29 Matthew, David Kelpe’s cousin, is able to breath on his own for about 4 hours before returning to oxygen and a backup machine. He is still unconscious, drug induced, but these little steps are good news and the family asks for your continued prayers for complete healing.

7/29 Jason, Donna & Wally Ashbaugh’s son, had a biopsy done for the growth on the side of his tongue. Results of this biopsy will not come back for a few weeks, but they know God has everything in his hands.

7/28 Teddy Menke had surgery on the bed sore on his backside.  He’ll be on bed rest for 4 weeks due to the invasive type of surgery he had. Please pray for good results and complete healing. P​ray for Teddy’s peace of mind, with the bed rest that will be required, and that he will focus on Christ through his recovery.

7/28 Paige Babbs,16 year old granddaughter of Mike & Brenda Johns, with acute lymphocytic leukemia , had another round of chemo, a check on her bone marrow, a spinal tap, and her last chemo for a week, then she will begin the next round of four days in a row. Just pray for her as she is very tried, and that her mind will rest from the worries of “what if”. Pray for the rest of the family members as well. ​

7/26 Chris Wibberg’s clients lost their 4 month old baby to some medical health issues. Pray for the family as they deal with this very difficult time.

7/26 Maynard Grannemann, is battling lung cancer and went in to have fluids pumped from his lungs.  They were able to do that, but apparently there is blood flowing back into the lung and the doctors cannot do anything about that. Please keep the Grannemann family in prayer.

7/25 Our sympathy is extended to the Hymer family in the passing of their Uncle Bill. Services were held in Paducah, Kentucky last week. Pray for peace for the family as they mourn the loss of their loved one.

7/25 Diana, Lisa Irvin’s aunt, is recovering from open heart surgery. Please pray for her full recovery and for the family as they care for her.

7/23 Tim Harman is feeling some better but still having some episodes that are very uncomfortable. They will be trying a new celiac diet to see if this will help. Please pray the doctors can find out what is causing these episodes and treat it accurately and quickly so he can feel better soon.

7/20 Tom Johns, Mike’s brother, had an MRI Friday. Please pray for clear results in this test.

7/19 We rejoice with Joe & Chris Ging in the birth of their first grandchild, a boy, Eli Gregory Ging.  Eli was born to their son and daughter-in-law, Andrew and Kelly. Sweet little Eli was born July 16th at 9:10 am. He weighed 9 lbs 1 oz.  and is 21 inches long and has the sweetest little face and beautiful dark hair. Daddy, Mommy and Eli are home from the hospital and are doing very well.  Be sure to see Chris…she has some really cute pictures of her precious grandson!

7/19 Tonya Meyer had all the atypical cells removed on the skin around the area of the mole in the surgery and the biopsy came back with clear margins. Thank you all for praying.

7/12 Betty Davis, Mike Davis’ mom, had surgery July 20 to remove the breast cancer. Pray for her surgeon and medical team to successfully remove all breast cancer and for her to have a healthy recovery. Pray for God’s glory in this trial, for His peace that passes all understanding to guard Betty, Mike and their family’s heart and mind in Christ Jesus.

​7/11 Joe Murray’s recent PET scan showed the cancer is in the gland in his face.  Treatments or surgery will be evaluated due to the Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s he is dealing with and for the logistics for the family to help them through this time. They appreciate your continued prayers for all the family as the Alzheimer is progressing quickly – he needs assistance with everything.

Please continue to pray for Larry and the Melton family through this very difficult time in the passing of their precious wife, mother, grandmother and great grandmother, Karen. The family is so very appreciative of your acts of love, prayers and concerns for their family.

Lisa Irvin was able to get her cast off and now I am in a walking boot

Teagen Moore, 9 year old daughter or Kristen Moore, has been experiencing irregular heart rhythm

Tari Hathcock – for the medications to work and treatment to give her much needed energy and relief

Betty Damschroeder – is recovering from her recent total knee replacement surgery

Jim Whyte, Julie Schneider’s brother, is battling high blood pressure and blood sugar that is too high

Steve Tolliver – for complete recovery from recent surgery to relieve numbness from his hands

Connie LaCrone – for complete healing from recent eye surgery

Kim Scofield – for complete healing for a broken bone in her foot

Will Wallace – 5 yr. old son of Megan & Skylar, undergoing chemo treatments for Will’s Tumor​

Lazlo Schaefer – 4 yr. old son of Heath and Laura, chemo treatments for Rhabdomyosarcoma.