FBC Update – 3.23.20

Hello All,

What a unique Sunday the 22nd was. We got up, poured a cup of coffee, turned on the computer and watched the sermon. Hope you had a great weekend. The snow in Washington was beautiful. Our first shot at a video message went pretty well. We will make some small changes in the days ahead to help improve the quality of the sound, text and lighting. The message is available at fbcwashmo.com or directly on YouTube.

Church, I can’t tell you how much you are in our prayers. We are not only lifting our Government leaders before the Lord, but you as well. Praying daily for your time with the Father and your patience with those in your household. Here is a link to Family Life’s web page. They have some encouraging ideas as we spend this time “together-apart”.

Take advantage of this strange season in your life to do things a little different. Might be a great time to teach your kids about putting funds aside in a small bank or envelope. Could be a great time to teach them about writing a check and addressing an envelope (so old fashioned). Your kids might be able to help you set up your giving online at https://www.fbcwashmo.com/cpt_news/online-giving-now-available

Our 5th & 6th graders found a great way to go ahead and have Sunday School yesterday. They video linked on a Zoom meeting. It was so cool to see them all together on the same computer screen. Thanks Ms. Laura for such a creative way to approach “distance-gathering”.

This week we will be observing the Lord’s Supper during the message. You will want to grab some juice and bread and join in (I think there is grace if you don’t have “grape juice”). So be prepared, we’ll be celebrating near the beginning of the video. Drone delivery was our other option.

In this together… because of Christ,
Pastors Bob and John